Boomgate Systems can offer various Bollards and the specific applications they are best suited for. We will further be
identifying specific types of advantages associated with the bollards.

Bollards can be used to restrict traffic flow whilst still allowing for pedestrian flow, like blocking of a road for a
sporting event or a concert around a stadium.

Bollards can be used as an anti-ram post to prevent a vehicle from forcing an entry into a shopping mall or protecting
valuable stock in a warehouse or showroom floors and cash handling facilities or any application to protect high risk

You get various types of bollards under our Warrior Range of Bollards:
• Warrior Static Bollards – this bollard is secured to the surface or cast into place and cannot be removed.
• Warrior Removable Bollards – this bollard is removable and can also be secured with a locking device, like a
common padlock.
• Warrior Manual Operated Bollards – bollards that can be raised and lowered into the surface with the help
of a person.
• Warrior Fully Automated Bollards – bollards that can be raised and lowered by an electrical controlled
device (motor)

You also get different categories of bollards, Pass Rated and Non Rated bollards;

– Pass Rated Bollards are designed to stop a vehicle at a determined speed and weight, the bollard must be
fully operational after impact. Pass Rated Bollards are very specialized and require it to be supplied and
installed by a professional, Boomgate Systems can assist with this.
– Non Rated Bollard can be any form of structure to prevent unwanted access. It is always a good idea to get
professional advice before making a decision on bollards, it is important to identify the risk before deciding
on the solution.

Example – If you want a bollard to stop a vehicle from gaining access to an area, you must take into consideration
what you are aiming to protect;

1. People
2. Property
3. To secure a dangerous area to prevent vehicle access

The biggest mistake that is made when procuring a bollard, is price. The cheapest bollard is not always the best
choice, because bollards is relatively easy to manufacture.

Boomgate Systems utilizes a multitude of high quality materials to ensure that the bollards are sustainable over an
extended period of time. In applications and environments such as banks, car parks, commercial or industrial
premises, embassies, military installations, security establishments, hotels, hospitals, high risk cargo depots, border
posts and cash handling depots. Boomgate Systems designs and manufactures bollards to our clients specific

Contact Boomgate Systems for more bollard solution applications.

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