Pro Wing Speedstile

Boomgate Systems delivers yet another industry leading installation at one of the most pristine buildings in the capital heartland of Africa, Sandton. The solution that was installed is:

-A three lane Pro Wing Speedstile solution to cater for two 600mm lanes as well as a 900mm lane to assist people in wheelchairs. A total of four cabinets were used with one being a 600mm / 900mm combination lane.

The Pro-Wing Speedstile solution is one of both rugged durability, class leading warranty and elegant in design. This solution can interlink with any form of access control and comes with a wide range of client specific operation modes. These modes include, but are not limited to:
– Free entry and/or exit
– Entry by access control and free exit and vice versa
– Single direction entry or exit
– Emergency evacuation

The Pro-Wing Speedstile is a very user friendly application with an installation of a three-lane solution being completed in 6 hours. Everything about our latest Speedstile was designed with the simple ideology in mind “KIS – Keep It Simple”, and yet it’s loaded with technology and features easily accessible in the programming section.

Over to the motor used for this application. This truly is market leading as the Pro Wing Speedstile comes with a 24v DC brushless motor with built-in clutch. This means that power consumption is reduced; the actual size of the gate is much smaller in comparison with the older generation of Speedstiles in the market. The built-in clutch is there to prevent any unauthorised access by means of locking the gate as well as reduces strain on the motor, should the gates be forced open.

The door leafs of the Pro Wing Speedstile is manufactured from acrylic with an LED light incorporated in the leaf that lights up the door leaf either RED or GREEN, depending on the status of the gate.
The Pro Wing Speedstile is truly a solution for any application, from reception all the way to lobbies on various floors. There are also a number of Speedstile solutions available, ranging from the typical 180° Pro Wing Speedgates, all the way to high security 1.8m Retractable Pro Wing Speedgates.

Together with this, Boomgate Systems also designs and manufactures truly pristine
paraplegic gates (both automated and semi-automated) as well as filler rails, ranging from all
sizes and shapes, from Stainless Steel 304 with glass infills to keep the overall “light and
clean” feeling.

For any information on this product as well as any other, please feel free to contact us.

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