Local innovation continues

While having local manufacturing facilities presents its own set challenges in South Africa, Boomgate Systems always tries to look at the advantages of having in-house local manufacturing and R&D.; The ever-inquisitive nature of its designers, and the constant changes needed in the security industry allows it to flex its engineering muscles to design and develop advanced forms of physical access control. 2022 has not been shy of those as various opportunities motivated the company to take vehicle access control to another level.


First off, Boomgate Systems has developed the GENIUS Anti-Crash Vehicle Barrier, which will potentially withstand 4500 kg of force, at 60 km/h. The design uses a steel wire rope with a breaking force of 198,650 KN. The strength transference, however, is completely reliant on the byproducts designed by Boomgate Systems, including specially designed anchoring points as well as the curtain housing the cable. It will certainly be a force not to be reconned with as it packs an unwieldly punch.


Then there is the WARRIOR Re-enforced Spring Loaded Jagged Bollard. Specifically designed for sites that use roller shutters, this bollard adds a potent and robust layer of security. Strategically placed behind roller shutters, the jagged edges embed themselves into the roller shutter and should forced entry occur, it slows down and, in most cases, completely incapacitates the attack. This design allows for continuous operation with spring assistance, making it a user-friendly product, with great fortification.

Flaunting its prowess and not allowing the challenges in the industry to deter its forward thinking is just one of the reasons Boomgate Systems remains at the top of its field of expertise, not just locally, but worldwide. Local is lekker but competes very well on the world stage.

Turnstiles still going strong

In addition, Boomgate Systems turnstiles are still best-sellers, with the following available:

• Twister turnstiles are the smallest of them all. The Twister three-arm Waist Height Turnstile is commonly used in reception areas, lift lobbies, canteens and gyms. It offers a low level of security and is generally installed where you have personnel supervising these areas. The fully automated Twister Waist Height Turnstile is ideal to combat Covid as the user does not have to use their hands to gain access.

• Tornado Turnstiles are the full-height range and comes in single full height and double full height with three-arm, four-arm and five-arm configurations. The Tornado Turnstile also comes with two options with a combination of mechanical and electronic locking mechanism, with a 15-year mechanical warranty.

• The Hurricane Full Height Mantrap Turnstile is the ultimate turnstile to use for ultra-high security applications where the main focus is security and positive identification of personnel and accurate head count.

The Hurricane’s main function is to ensure that the person who is using the turnstile is positively identified and has entered the premises. Boomgate Systems has supplied over 300 Hurricane Mantrap Turnstiles to the Department of Correctional Services through a system integrator to control visitors and personnel throughout prisons.

• Cyclone Half Height Turnstiles are mainly used to control access in controlled reception areas and lift lobbies. Cyclone Turnstiles are manufactured from stainless steel and glass. The combination of the two materials makes this turnstile look very aesthetically pleasing and is the number one choice for upmarket entrance control. The Cyclone Full Height Turnstile is used for the same reason as the half-height turnstile, but it offers a high level of security.


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